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GAF View-Master reel and sleeve
Description: Old View-master reel (disk) & sleeve created just for fun
Created the View-Master reel by creating a simple vector image as starting point. To make the view-master reel more realistic I added various elements and more details to the View-Master reel. By embossing several parts and adding price stickers, real photos, shading and grunge effects (dirt & scratches) I was able to give the View-Master disk a somewhat realistic look. I used CorelDraw to create the vector images and Photoshop to create the final bitmap image you see here.

Yep, you can still buy them! The official View-Master website is fisher-price.com
The trade name "View-Master" and the logo "GAF" copyright belong to Fisher-Price

Note: The reading glasses are a 3rd party item
Welcome to Mad Dog Graphix!