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Graphics samples created by Mad Dog Graphix

Infographic & Pinterest images
  Infographic/Pinterest images (MadDogPromotions.com)
  Famous Quotes and not so famous Quotes

Logo & ID badges

  Logo for SwissTech Air Drone services
  Logos & badges for various clients
  Logo set for Seven Seas

Transport related

  The Swiss heavy haul locomotive "Krokodil"
  Streetcar and railroad crossing with gate and lights
  Bangka or Pump style fishing boat
  Construction equipment: front-end loader
  Cartoony version of a Filipino Bangka/pump boat

Various projects & samples

  Christmas snow globe
  Are you a facebook junkie?
Free multiplication tables
  Web and software insertion advertising banners
  Need some old fashioned Transylvania Goat Milk?

  Need your own QR code?
  Filipino water front Nipa hut layout
  Need a soft drink can?
  Animated Nipa hut GIF for web site use
  Retail packaging: Blister pack with USB keys
  Old style portable retro style plastic TV in red
  Retail packaging: metal tin with USB keys
  Retail tin can or metal container

  Bamboo photo frame with 2 pretty Filipino girls
  Stuff Your Face / Meal in a can with QR code
  Need Snake Oil?
  View-Master disc & sleeve
  Retail software packaging
  Compass rose
  Digital jigsaw puzzle interface
  Funky alarm clock
Mobile game "Silent Hunting Pack" graphics
  Battery compartment with 2 D cell batteries
  Sample magazine or manual presentation
  Facebook page custom profile and cover graphics
  Credit card style ID cards for software application
  Battery compartment with 2 D cell batteries GIF version
  Custom designed tin can with puzzle for cruise ship sales
  Touch screen phone MY21 by my|phone (Philippines)
  Animated airport/train station flip sign
  Animated gif: 3 bedroom house for rent in the Philippines
  Coke software interface for mobile software application
  Various VU meters (also available for free download)
  Old Dutch: Aap, noot, Mies leesplankje van Hoogeveen

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Custom graphic samples by MadDogGraphix.com

Welcome to Mad Dog Graphix!