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Learn more about QR codes and how to use them

What is a QR code?

A QR code is like a business card which you can electronically read by scanning the crazy looking image with a mobile phone, tablet etc. This is much easier than writing the information down on paper or trying to remember the information in question.

Some QR codes can include a URL link that enables you to go directly to the webpage of the creator of the QR code (See the animated sample lower down the page).

These QR codes can be printed on paper, clothing, retail products, billboards, posters or even on cars and airplanes or used digitally on computers or mobile devices.

Using QR codes is a great way to quickly save information to your mobile device in our mobile world.

We can produce custom QR codes
Who uses the QR codes?

Because of the ability to include considerable information in them, QR codes are used around the world by freight companies, libraries, hospitals, retailers, museums, advertising ads, on-line (websites etc) and much more.

Read more about QR codes on the Wikipedia QR code page

Free QR code reader app for your mobile device

There are several QR Code readers are available for your mobile device.
Search for "QR Code reader" on your favourite app store.

Download free QR code readers for Android or iOS

Search for free QR code software on the web

QR code for www.TheTropicalBreeze.org

Need your own QR code?

 ● Read more about custom QR codes

Sample QR code made for the Tropical Breeze website and Tropical Breeze retail products that support this worthwhile organization >>

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Mercedes Zetros 6x6 truck with QR code
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